Comparative Rating System

Comparative Rating System - TurboRater from Insurance Technologies Corp. on Vimeo.

Getting quotes one at a time from individual insurance carrier websites consumes your agency’s valuable resources, but it’s not your only option. TurboRater is a personal lines comparative rating system that automates the process of insurance rate quoting, making it faster and easier to provide your clients with a comparative quote. TurboRater allows you and your staff to focus on what you do best… selling insurance.

What Does TurboRater Do?

  • With TurboRater, you can get multiple, accurate quotes in a fraction of the time it takes to manually calculate a quote via multiple websites. Type in the client’s data once in our easy-to-use single screen entry, and the comparative rating system applies built-in underwriting rules. The accurate rates are then calculated in an average of four seconds.
  • Rates are always up-to-date, so when you give a quote to a client, you know it’s accurate.
  • Extensive reporting helps you understand what your agency is doing well and where you can make improvements by monitoring your producer, location, insurer, lead source and overall agency performance.
  • As a web-based comparative rating system, you can access TurboRater anywhere you have an Internet connection, which makes it easy to share quotes between offices without an expensive network.
  • TurboRater encrypts data for the protection of your agency and your clients at every step in the process.
  • Cloud storage backs up your information daily so it can easily be restored in case of disaster.

More About Key Features

With TurboRater you only need to enter the data one time, reducing the chance for errors and saving you time. With TurboRater you can respond quickly to a client’s quote request, which satisfies your client and proves your agency as a trustworthy resource. TurboRater is easy to learn and use.

ITC’s goal is to provide quality software and services to independent insurance agents to help them grow their businesses and become more efficient. Our marketing, rating and management products make insurance agencies more efficient through automation, and our services help them to compete online through online marketing strategies and tactics that drive website traffic.

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