Insurance agency management software

Insurance agency management software should make running your agency much easier and more efficient, increasing both your profitability and your accuracy. InsurancePro is a comprehensive insurance management system that does exactly that.

InsurancePro was designed to help agencies streamline their process and workflow by condensing activities and systems so that your staff can focus on other tasks that simply can’t be automated. Our system provides many resources, including:

  • Prefilled ACORD forms
  • Document imaging and online cloud storage
  • Letters and mail merge
  • Client file documentation with notes and follow-up reminders
  • Customizable fields for policy information

But InsurancePro’s agency management system isn’t just about client files—it also assists with:

  • Advanced quote management: This system has built-in quote forms with all the questions your staff must ask in order to give rates on various lines of coverage. Quotes can be bridged from the Turborater comparative rater product allowing you quick access to accurate rates from multiple carriers.
  • Reporting capabilities: The InsurancePro insurance management system can compile commission reports for the agency and individual producers. It can also prepare retention reports, customer payment reports, income and expense statements, and more!

This comprehensive software allows you to maximize your staff’s performance, standardize your workflow, reduce errors and increase agency effectiveness. Fill out the form below, and one of our experienced salespeople will get back to you shortly.