ITC's Client Lifecycle

Let’s work together towards your goals.

Our job is to help independent insurance agents and brokers and their partner carriers succeed in the modern competitive market. Together or individually, each of our products and services can improve your agency's efficiency.
We can help you turn a consumer who doesn’t know your agency into a raving fan by automating your client lifecycle. Whether you use one or all of our products, we want to help you achieve your goal, whatever they are.

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Drive Traffic

Agency Marketing

Marketing is all about driving traffic and raising awareness so you get more quality leads. Our online marketing services, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media and email marketing, work to increase the traffic to your insurance agency website.

Convert Leads

Insurance Agency Websites

When a client lands on your insurance agency website, you need to make it easy for him or her to become a lead. Insurance Website Builder provides well-designed, functional websites with one goal in mind: to help you compete online.

Quote and Sell

Comparative Rating System

Now that you have a lead, it is time to quote the insured and sell the policy. TurboRater makes it easy to analyze multiple companies instantly after a quote request and find the coverage your prospect needs for the best price.

Nurture Prospects

Email Marketing

A sale doesn’t always close immediately. In those cases, you need to nurture a prospect. AgencyBuzz automates the follow-up process before, during, and after the sale so you can keep your agency in front of your prospects and clients through personal, consistent communication.


Agency Management Systems

Client retention is about continuing to show your value. Email marketing is a great way to do that. Agency management system Agency Matrix also makes retention easy by keeping the client's policy information at your fingertips.

Cross Sell

Agency Marketing

If you write more than one line of business, cross selling to your existing clients is a must. Sharing what lines your agency writes on social media and through email marketing can help you let your clients know you have more to offer.

Get Referrals

The Lifecycle Continues

When you get referrals from your current clients, the lifecycle restarts as you begin marketing to your new leads.

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