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Appearance is Everything: Using Effective Email Design to Win Over Your Contacts
August 26, 2016
These are just some of the topics I will be discussing in our next Masters of Marketing webinar. Click here to register for the live, in-depth discussion taking place 9/15 at 12 p.m. CST.  Read More
How to Use Evergreen Blogging to Grow Your Insurance Website
August 24, 2016
If you’ve read the ITC marketing blog, you’ve seen quite a few blog posts. (More than 750 actually.) This is for good reason.  Read More
6 Things Your Logo Should Say About You (And If It Doesn’t, How to Correct It!)
August 22, 2016
A logo is an introduction to your agency. It’s the first thing a consumer sees. At a glance it should convey the ideas and attitude you want associated with your agency.  Read More
Masters of Marketing - Keeping Up With the Carriers: How Your Website Can Compete
August 18, 2016
In August's Masters of Marketing, Matt Farrell, Website Coordinator, talked about how insurance agents can compete online with big name carriers.  If you missed the presentation, click here to view a recording. Read More
5 Agency Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Watching Elite Athletes
August 17, 2016
In the evenings after work and on weekends this week, you’ll find me glued to my television. It’s the same scenario in August every four years.  I love to watch the Olympics. Read More
When You Don't Want to Write: Creating Content that Matters
August 15, 2016
Let me start with your daily reminder: content is important. Especially if you want your insurance website to succeed.  Everyone can’t be a journalism major. Read More
6 Things the Worst Insurance Agency Websites Have in Common
August 10, 2016
We have seen a lot of insurance agency websites over the years. After looking at so many websites, we can identify elements the worst sites have in common.  If your agency has a website, consider this list. Read More
Life Insurance: The New Commodity or Passive Income Stream?
August 8, 2016
The following is a guest blog from  Tens of thousands of consumers are buying life insurance online every week. According to a LIMRA study, six out of 10 consumers were hap... Read More
Keeping Up With the Carriers: How Your Website Can Compete
August 5, 2016
This webinar took place on Thursday, August 18th. Click here to view the presentation, slides, and an in-depth look at the rest of this great content.  Read More
Drip Campaigns: 6 Ways You’re Doing It Wrong
August 3, 2016
By now you should know how effective drip campaigns can be for your insurance agency. You may even be using them in your email marketing strategy right this moment.  Don’t get comfortable yet. Read More
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